Jeff Anderson, PharmD
Director of Pharmacy
Facility Name
Yavapai Regional Medical Center
Licensed Beds


Application Used
PharmacyKeeper Verification
Prescott & Prescott Valley, AR
Compounding Volume



Why did you feel compelled to “do something” relative to your pre-existing IV compounding process?

There were many reasons why we felt compelled to push forward with automating our compounding process. First, we felt regulatory pressure from the State Board of Pharmacy, so we wanted to ensure accurate compounding processes were in place prior to any type of inspection. This was the main stimulus for getting us to purchase a product like PharmacyKeeper Verification. Also, reports from the patient safety organization came out and said that the “pull back” method was not a safe method or the gold standard of compounding verification. Being able to take the images of the preparation step and real-time documentation have helped assist us achieve this goal.


Describe your process for identifying the preferred vendor/partner?

There were three key factors that led us to choose MedKeeper as our vendor of choice:

  1. MedKeeper’s contract prices were competitive and scalable to the other vendors in the market
  2. PharmacyKeeper Verification has no storage limit on how far back we can store information. Once in the system, the information is available for future use in the Cloud system and is very accessible. One of the competitive vendors only stored documentation on their system for 30-days
  3. Due to our renovations and remodeling, we were looking for verification systems permitting for use of a satelite sterile compounding suite.


How has the system matched to your original objectives? Do you feel the current process has improved the quality baseline, safety, and enhanced compliance requirements?

Absolutely, we all agree that the reporting capabilities and analytics from PharmacyKeeper Verification allow us to be more transparent and show other departments what our operations are doing to maximize quality and minimize patient harm.

PharmacyKeeper Applications Used at Yavapai Regional Medical Center


Photo-based, medication workflow system to increase staff efficiency and ensure compliance with state compounding regulations.
2017 KLAS Category Leader for IV Workflow Management


Compounding quality assurance system to ensure compliance with USP <795>, USP <797> and USP <800>.


Medication checklist system to ensure compliance with standards for medication storage and inspections.


Create, schedule and manage your team’s competencies, certifications and training all in one place.

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